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It won't be the last time. "Madden 24" will be a celebration of John Madden himself. It just had to be Mut 24 coins. The legendary broadcaster and coach was so influential in football that he changed video games indefinitely by bringing his name and expertise to a game that has since become one of the top franchises in the business and has created generations of new football fans along the way.

On June 1. Styles was on hand at the EA headquarters in Redwood, California for the official unveiling of "Madden 24." Alongside EA employees and members of Madden's family they took a walk of the campus as well as the dedication of a 50-yard football field in honor of Madden's name at the center of it in addition to an update on the $5 million charitable initiative launched that was announced by the publisher in Madden's memory, and finally, the unveiling of the cover Styles had been developing for.

"They wanted me to make a speech at the tail of all the speakers," Styles, who joked about "strategically" wearing his throwback Randall Cunningham jersey for the occasion, said. "I'm in a state of 'What's that? I'm just an artist! Why am I chasing Mike Madden (John's son )?'"

However, he believed that his statements did resonate in the end of the way John Madden was about bringing people together , and that the Madden games and playing football in the suburban streets close to West Philly did that for Styles and his brothers as youngsters.

And the cover he pulled the curtain up struck a much stronger impact: Full artwork by Styles depicting a young Madden bursting through a silver and gold frame as an arrow flows around him in order to play out from drawn-out Xs and the Os an emotional call back in the direction of the first "John Madden Football" cover from 1988. which is then capped by a message left to the right that says "Thanks, Coach buy madden 24 coins."


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