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Our sellers are thrilled to report how our 

FIND YOUR CHARITY PROGRAM made them feel when they were given the opportunity to sell their home for top dollar, and also give back a portion of our net commission to a charity that was near and dear to their hearts.  The gift of 25% of our net commission is given back at closing to our seller, written on their behalf, so each of our sellers has the chance to feel really good about hand delivering this donation personally, and also using it as a tax donation on their personal taxes. 


Our team was born and raised in Southeast Michigan so it's important we share the wealth and love our community has given to us, while also learning more about the people we serve and what's important to them as well.   Each seller is given the chance to choose ANY 501(c)3 organization or church to donate to and checks will be presented at closing to each seller for 25% of our net commission.  So the more house you have to sell the more the donation will be.   


Give us a try and experience what other clients have already felt given the renewed sense of selling a home, and a chance to change the world.

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