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...And Tell 25% of Our Commission Where to Go

   C O N T A C T   U S

  J O H N   2 4 8 . 7 9 0 . 2 2 7 9  - H EA T H E R  5 1 7 . 6 7 2 . 1 2 2 6 

Marina Court Westland
Culpepper Westland
Forest Ave. Waterford
Brookfield South Lyon
W. Chicago Livonia

P R O P E R T Y   N O O K

Welcome to Property Nook, our team mission is to give buyers a unique opportunity to purchase one of the largest investments in your life while also making the world a better place to live.  


Our PROPERTY NOOK Team offers you over 25 years of expertise in the industry.  Our experience in high-tech marketing, title insurance, property management, and home construction gives you a cutting edge in locating perfect home, and it's FREE to hire us as agents, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Let me tell you why...With PROPERTY NOOK we give buyers a rare opportunity to, not only find a dream home but you will also receive 25% of our net commission back at closing. 


Our buyers are thrilled to report how our FIND YOUR CHARITY PROGRAM made them feel when they were given the opportunity to find a home for an amazing price while also getting back a portion of our net commission at closing to give to a charity that's near and dear to their hearts.  The gift of 25% of our net commission is written on our buyer's behalf, so each of our buyers can feel really good about hand delivering their donation personally, while also writing off the dollar amount as a tax donation on their personal taxes, and since commissions are typically paid by the sellers, this is a huge perk to using PROPERTY NOOK as your exclusive buying agent. 


Our team was born and raised in Southeast Michigan so we are very familiar with the area and can help find exactly what your looking for.


It's important that together we can share the wealth and love our community to which we live and also serve those around us as well.  Each buyer will be given the chance to choose ANY 501(3)c organization or church to donate to and the donation proceeds check will be presented at closing to each buyer for 25% of our net commission. So the more house you buy the more the donation will be.   


Give us a try and experience what other clients have already felt given the renewed sense of buying a home with PROPERTY NOOK, buy a home and change the world.


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