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Experience the Brutal and Realistic Combat of Samurai Shodown Sen on Your PC

In an interview in 2017 in Famitsu Tomomi Ishizuka has explained how the new experience for the Samurai Shodown franchise is to improve existing features in the game that was criticized in the past, such as characters and stages that seem similar to another fighter and the fact that gameplay feels same. He also explained that the new direction is to make the graphic design and the world of the game more grandiose, by increasing the level of detail, adding more rooms, characters and guns, and of course the characters animations.

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Although this is not the first time that characters have been remade. Samurai Shodown II, in 1996, had introduced its title character, Kuma; but eventually remade Samurai Shodownin 1999 with two new characters (Ukyo and Kain).

As far as new characters go Samurai Shodownincluded all the 64 playable characters from The King of Fighterswho all had their own distinct style, but who were never represented in a single title. Interestingly many of the newest fighters, including Kula Diamond Kyo Kusanagi and Nakoruru Ikari, have appeared only in independent titles, Samurai Shodownbeing the only title which retained them.

Regarding the new systems that SNK implemented in Samurai Shodownand the use of cinematic fighting system the following graphics have been created by raising the amount of polygons and adding more details.

Toward the end of Samurai Shodownseries an online mode became popular even in the arcade versions, an offline mode was introduced by Samurai Shodown II in 1996, the VS Mode. The VS Mode is a match-up mode where different teams are compared in four categories: Player Performance, Evade, Skill-at-Distance and the Battle Roster. But for an offline mode developed by SNK it was a little different as only players from each same team could play against each other. [8] A computer controlled player would then fight against the CPU player. In 2001 a similar format was introduced in an update for SNES Soul Calibur 2, but the player could only play against the computer in a best of three rounds. For Samurai Shodownseries the VS Mode has remained, and has been enhanced with the features new characters, new weapons, new ranges and new game modes, but always using the same roster and the same game format.


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