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Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi: Where to Stream the Film that Exposes a Social Evil

Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi: A Unique and Powerful Film About Women's Rights in India

Are you looking for a film that will challenge your views on gender, culture, and society? Do you want to watch a film that will inspire you to fight for justice and equality? If yes, then you should watch Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi, a Hindi drama film that explores the harsh realities of women's lives in rural India.

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Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi is a film that exposes the practice of bride buying, a form of human trafficking that involves buying and selling women as commodities. The film tells the story of Saavi, a young woman who is sold by her uncle to a family that wants a bride for their mentally challenged son. Saavi faces abuse, violence, and humiliation from her new family, but she also finds courage, hope, and love in unexpected places.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi, including its plot, cast, themes, reviews, ratings, awards, and how to watch it online for free. Read on to find out why this film is a must-watch for anyone who cares about women's rights and human dignity.

What is Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi about?

Ek Anokhi Dulhan Saavi is a 2017 Hindi drama film directed by Rajeev Kumar and written by Jagdish Sachdeva. The film is based on a true story and aims to raise awareness about the issue of bride buying in India. According to a report by UN Women, bride buying is prevalent in some parts of India, especially in states like Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. Bride buying occurs when there is a shortage of women due to factors such as female foeticide, infanticide, migration, or dowry deaths. As a result, some men resort to buying women from poor or marginalized communities as brides for themselves or their sons.

The film follows the life of Saavi, a young woman who belongs to a low-caste community in Punjab. She lives with her uncle and aunt after her parents died in an accident. Her uncle decides to sell her to a family from Haryana that wants a bride for their mentally challenged son. Saavi has no choice but to accept her fate and leave her home. She arrives at her new family's house, where she is treated as an object and a slave. She is forced to sleep with her husband, who does not understand consent or affection. She is also beaten by her mother-in-law, who blames her for everything that goes wrong in the house. She is isolated from the outside world and has no friends or support.

However, Saavi does not give up on her dreams and aspirations. She secretly learns how to read and write from a newspaper vendor who visits her house. She also develops a friendship with a neighbor boy named Jeet, who helps her escape from her misery. Jeet falls in b70169992d


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