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Fiqh Dakwah Mustafa Masyhur.pdf

Fiqh Dakwah Mustafa Masyhur.pdf

Fiqh Dakwah is a book written by Sheikh Mustafa Masyhur, a prominent Islamic scholar and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The book is based on his lectures and writings on the principles and methods of Islamic propagation. It covers various topics such as the definition, objectives, stages, challenges, and ethics of dakwah (the call to Islam).

Fiqh Dakwah Mustafa Masyhur.pdf

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The book is divided into two volumes, each containing several chapters. The first volume deals with the general aspects of dakwah, such as its meaning, importance, sources, types, and conditions. The second volume focuses on the practical aspects of dakwah, such as its strategies, techniques, tools, and examples. The book also includes some appendices that contain relevant Quranic verses, hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad), and historical anecdotes.

The book is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and authoritative works on the subject of dakwah. It has been translated into several languages, including Indonesian, Malay, Urdu, Turkish, and English. It has also been used as a reference and a guide by many Islamic organizations and activists around the world.

Summary of the main points

  • Dakwah is the duty and responsibility of every Muslim to convey the message of Islam to others in a wise and gentle manner.

  • Dakwah aims to invite people to worship Allah alone, to follow His guidance, and to establish His law on earth.

  • Dakwah follows the example and teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, who were the best models of da'is (callers to Islam).

  • Dakwah has different stages and levels, depending on the situation and the audience. The first stage is to introduce Islam and its basic beliefs and practices. The second stage is to establish Islam and its comprehensive system in the society. The third stage is to defend Islam and its followers from any aggression or oppression.

  • Dakwah faces many obstacles and challenges, such as ignorance, prejudice, hostility, persecution, and temptation. Da'is must be patient, perseverant, sincere, knowledgeable, wise, courteous, and courageous in overcoming these difficulties.

  • Dakwah requires various skills and methods, such as communication, persuasion, education, organization, leadership, teamwork, and media. Da'is must use these tools effectively and appropriately according to the needs and interests of their target groups.

  • Dakwah also entails certain ethics and morals, such as honesty, justice, compassion, humility, moderation, tolerance, and cooperation. Da'is must adhere to these values and avoid any negative or harmful behavior that may harm their credibility or reputation.


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