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the use of metabolic systems in the track and field athlete is still in its infancy. however, the development of portable metabolic systems by the technology group, metabolic technologies, have allowed for real-time monitoring of energy expenditure by athletes during a training session. the technology is based on measuring oxygen consumption with a metabolic sensor and is combined with a gps receiver to allow for tracking of physical activity. recent studies have used this technology to assess training load (tl) in 10- to 12-year-old junior athletes [ 177, 178, 179, 180 ]. although this system is not designed for maximal testing, it provides an alternative method to estimate the training stimulus, particularly if a maximal test is not possible [ 179 ]. however, as a system that monitors a range of activities, it is not intended to be used for assessing metabolic changes due to fatigue. however, this technology could be used to guide the training stimulus in the later stages of a competition season. the use of this technology to guide training plans is dependent on the individuals preferences, and it is recommended that the athlete has an understanding of how to interpret the data and how it can be used to plan and control their training [ 181 ]. the data could be presented in the form of a table, map, or summary, and then used to plan, monitor, and adjust training sessions (e.g., percentage of aerobic threshold and vo 2 max per minute of running in a session) [ 182 ]. the metabolic technologies system allows the athlete to monitor training load and guide their training by changing the metabolic profile of each exercise, which has the potential to improve training efficacy and increase adherence [ 177, 179, 181, 183 ]. while it is difficult to estimate the extent to which this technology could be used to monitor the metabolic changes associated with fatigue and guide training, it has the potential to become a tool for coach and athlete monitoring of training load [ 184 ]. the metabolic technologies system also has the potential to provide a greater insight into how training may impact fuel use, as recently shown by peters et al. [ 185 ].

dash q400 maintenance training cbt download free


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