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What We Leave Behind

God ,your an idiot! Its Bezos fault because 80% of americans can handle a 400.00 emergency.People need to look after themselves and we need to quit blaming the self made billionaires. Hunger games ? This is the entittled bs that this generation is going to grow up on.Get back to the old basics where you get what you work for and stop waiting for the hand out!!

What We Leave Behind


Bravo. I left NYC in 2009 after 3rd downsizing. Have spent more time With wife, and raising our 2 sons to become good, caring and loving young men. Has been a struggle at times, but it is what we are here to do.

Professor, appreciate your sharing your thoughts but I just like my freedom very much to choose what I want to buy. What I think is a free market idea is for people who want to support renewable (and expensive) energy should call their coop and say sell me only renewable energy, Or put solar on your house and get off the grid entirely. I just have a huge problem with wealthy people telling middle class people like myself to pony up while ignoring the actual cheap and huge benefit of nuclear energy.

AAA: What I wanted to think about with this novel is: What do we leave behind in terms of inheritance when we are deemed to have nothing of value? Or when we come from histories or countries that are imbued with painful memories? Yevgenia decides that we have nothing but our own stories, the ones we choose to tell about ourselves, and we have books, which also create a kind of legacy.

Our time is one of urgency. It demands that we retain more of our existing built fabric rather than demolish and build anew. It is easy to celebrate Georgian or Victorian legacies, but what do we do with awkward 20th century pieces of city? They are now part of our heritage, even if popularly unloved. Sometimes sprawling, seemingly inefficient or inflexible at times, we live today with much of this inherited fabric. Should we always retain and refashion this inheritance or rebuild? And what about what we are building today? Will future generations be able to adapt what we are designing now to the needs of their time?

From Modernist slabs to arcadian suburbia, what are the ways and means of adapting those legacies to build a more sustainable future? Speakers: Verity-Jane Keefe, artist; Selina Mason, Lendlease; Jonny Anstead, TOWN; David Knight, DK-CM; Claire Bennie, Municipal; and Alfredo Caraballo, Allies and Morrison.

From advances in technology to a shifting landscape in ecological and social values, what legacies should contemporary masterplanning leave for future generations? Speakers: Regina Myer, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership; Paul Eaton, Allies and Morrison; Mel Allwood, Arup; Kath Scanlon, London School of Economics; and John Dales, Urban Movement. 041b061a72


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