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Hoi4 Peace Conference Mod

i have finished the mod for hoi4. the mod is now playable in hoi4. i've added a new power and a new difficulty setting. i have also finished some of the units, and i will continue to work on the units until i'm done.

hoi4 peace conference mod

for the smaller powers, particularly belgium and the united states, the peace conferences brought up the possibility of joining the allies. germany had offered to make a deal with these countries as well, but the leaders of the west had declined, because they would rather a big and united germany than a weak but independent one. this caused some resentment towards germany as their options of war and peace were over the board. the germans were therefore left with only their own colonies to secure their influence in europe.

i am the author of this mod. some of you might know me from my world war 1 mod. i have done my best to make sure the core of this mod stays unchanged. however, some features were made optional, while i changed others to avoid cluttering up the ui. the mod now only contains two new items: a diplomacy dialogue option for the peace conference and a changelog for the mod.

1. the mod is now limited to the 2 peace conferences of hoi4. the mod is not really meant to provide a new gameplay experience. instead, it is supposed to be a good entry point for players who want to play hoi4 with more depth. 2. i have removed a lot of the diplomacy options that were only used in the war but were not really useful in the peace conferences. 3. i have added a new game option: if you want to start the peace conferences from a neutral state.


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