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Space Chimps [NTSC-U][PAL][ISO] _HOT_

In a mysterious space station orbiting the Earth, Uka Uka is upset with Doctor Neo Cortex for failing him once again, but Cortex promises a plan that will bring the Earth's inhabitants down to size. Cortex then introduces his relatively new Planetary Minimizer, in which he immediately uses to shrink the Earth down to the size of a grapefruit. The situation is brought to Aku Aku's attention when Cortex taunts the now-microscopic people of Earth. When Aku Aku informs Crash of the Earth's predicament, Coco assumes that Cortex is using the Crystals to power up his shrinking machine, and requests that Crash must find the same kind of Crystals in various locations around the world, in which she will use to build a device that will reverse the effects of Cortex's Minimizer.

Space Chimps [NTSC-U][PAL][ISO]

After Crash manages to defeat Dingodile, Doctor N. Gin and Tiny Tiger, Cortex decides to deal with Crash himself by firing the Planetary Minimizer at him. Unfortunately for him, Crash tricks the doctor into shrinking the colored Gems that stabilize the Minimizer, causing it to malfunction. The unrestrained effects of the Minimizer fuse Cortex and his minions together, creating a monster known as Mega-Mix, who chases Crash down the space station's hallway in an attempt to kill him. Fortunately, Crash escapes back to the Earth, just in time for Coco to use the Crystals that he has gathered to return the Earth back to normal. The Earth is returned to its original size, while the space station outside Earth explodes with Cortex and the others in it.

It did take a couple seconds to load the covers in Thumbnail view once I went into the Movie Folder view though. This is why I was curious to know if someone had fooled around with the ideal .jpg size to optimize the thumbnail view. (ie. Size to fit the thumbnail space and open as quick as possible.) 041b061a72


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