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Who We Are?

Property Nook is a Michigan based real estate team.  We strive to support the success of our community and youth.  Education is a vital part of our lives and can be expensive especially when starting out.  Our full service residential real estate conduit offers the highest level of care and service to you, with over 25 years in the industry.  But that's not all we also provide a token of love and support for those attending or about to attend a University, School or Private Tuition based facility.  

What We Do ?

When our clients place trust in us they are not just searching for a team to help them buy or sell a home, they are searching for a new and improved way to provide the best education to their children or themselves.  When buying or selling a home we gift 25% of our commission to an approved college or school of your choice.  This can be a university, private school, montessori, christian, or trade school, or any school approved requiring a tuition. 

Why We Do It?

We dedicate ourselves to promote a successful future to area neighborhoods, students, and youth throughout Michigan. We choose to uphold philanthropy by empowering our clients, and students through home-based achievements in order to improve our prosperous community and residents and help sustain a valuable education for those looking to better their lives and achieve success.    

Property Nook Assists Clients in maximizing real estate potential when buying or selling a home.  Our team offers a wide range of experience using the latest technologies and digital marketing methods, with knowledge in social media, marketing, home repair/restoration and market values. 

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No Strings Attached 

At Property Nook, your peace of mind means everything.  For that reason, there are “no additional fees” which accommodate your school/university giving impact.  We use the highest standard of professionalism and our pledge is to earn your trust and confidence.



For Our Clients 

We believe that real estate is a business about people —like you—as much as it is about the property, that is why we commit to safeguarding the buying /or selling experience of your home.



Your Needs and Home Specifications Take Priority when you speak to a realtor from the Property Nook team, you’ll quickly appreciate how we listen and help to advise you on your long-term investment.  A home is one of the largest purchases you can make in your lifetime and we take your wealth seriously.  After a detailed realtor-client conversation we will work to assist any or all of your real estate needs, problems or concerns.

Use Us to Find or Sell Your Home and

25% of the commission is used to Pay for School

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