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35 Cheap Dates for Couples Staying Home This Valentine’s Day….

There’s a reason Valentine’s Day is in the chilly months of February…since a majority of the country is still hibernating it gives us an extra special day to snuggle up to the one we love. Whether you’re a new couple or been married for 19 years, (like me) it’s important to set aside

some priority time for one another.

If you have kiddios don’t fret, you can still take advantage of these romantic and creative dates which EXCLUDE the typical movie (which makes your partner doze off). Enjoy!!!

1. Go on a scavenger hunt. It doesn’t matter how small your home is. A solid scavenger hunt just requires smart clues and a talent for identifying good hiding places. It’s almost as much fun to craft the hints as it is to watch each other unravel the custom mystery step by step.

2. Build a romantic hideaway fort. This is one of those childhood pastimes worth revisiting as an adult. Gather up all the blankets, pillows, and throw cushions in your house and start constructing the coolest indoor castle on the planet. Then hang out inside with a couple of flashlights.

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