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Princess Stephanie

The princess represented Monaco at the High Level Meeting on AIDS in New York in June 2006 where she expressed her personal commitment to the AIDS response. As UNAIDS Goodwillambassador she focuses on raising awareness on HIV prevention and the negative impact of discrimination against people living with HIV.

princess stephanie

Called the "colorful child" of the House of Grimaldi by the documentary's narrator, Angela Rippon, the princess was only 17 when she and her mother's car plunged off of the side of a 100-foot cliff in Monaco in 1982. Hugo Vickers, a royal biographer interviewed in the documentary said Kelly "may have had a small stroke," which could explain why she suddenly lost control of the car.

The divorce was granted by the principality's Court of Revision a little over two weeks after Stephanie requested it. The 31-year-old princess is the daughter of Prince Rainier and the late Grace Kelly, a former American actress who died in a car crash in 1982.

Okay, body art is really no big deal by modern standards; bajillions of people have tattoos nowadays. But back in the days of yore, the very notion of a princess getting inked would shake all the fuddy-duddy pearl-clutchers to their very core. In any case, Princess Stéphanie reportedly has three tattoos: a motif on her back, two dolphins on her foot, and a floral bracelet.

Now, Ducruet likely had it pretty good as the husband of a princess, and he probably panicked when the news of his affair first broke. So, he did what cheaters always do: He denied the whole thing and claimed that he got set up. Little did he know, the paparazzi took more than just photographs. There was also a 90-minute video. 041b061a72


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