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The Jungle Book 2(2003)

The voices are different, but the story is the same. Once again Bagheera (Bob Joles) and Baloo (John Goodman) argue about whether the man-cub (Haley Joel Osment) belongs at the man-village or in the jungle with his papa-bear. Once again Shere Khan (Tony Jay) squeezes Kaa (Jim Cummings) for information on the whereabouts of the little lost lamb while Kaa makes another abortive attempt to enthrall the redoubtable tiger.

The Jungle Book 2(2003)


Mowgli feels unwelcome and out of place in the human village where he now lives. When Baloo arrives for a visit, Mowgli leaves with him to go back to the jungle. However, his friend Shanti thinks he was kidnapped. She follows him into the jungle. Shere Khan is still hunting for Mowgli, which puts him, as well as Shanti and Baloo, in danger. Mowgli must decide whether he wants to live in the jungle with Baloo, or stay in the village with Shanti.

VIDEO and AUDIOVideo quality of The Jungle Book 2 looks completely brilliant with its bright colors and crisp lines. Though the animation is weak compared to the original, the presentation is far superior to the original's release (though hopefully its Platinum release will blow this sequel away). The film is presented in 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen.Audio was incredibly clear and made use of all the speakers, not surprisingly for a more contemporary film. English is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 (now, why can't the animated classics have this?) French Dolby Digital 5.1 is the only extra language track and there are English captions for the Hearing Impaired.EXTRASThe first extra is "Mowgli's Jungle Ruins Maze", where you must search through the ruins to get back to the village. Not only is it incredibly easy but also boring. The clips of different animals look like they were intentionally covered with artifacts and grain. Next up is the "Synopsis of the Original Movie The Jungle Book". This 2:58 short gives a quick recap of the first film, obviously cutting the movie to practically nothing. This is a basically wasted extra, as most people already know the original film or own it themselves."The Legacy of the Jungle Book" (14:10) actually has some decency in presenting a behind-the-scenes feature, though claiming this film tops the original is bordering on the ridiculous. It was nice to see Roy Disney talk about Walt's influence on the original film. It's bothersome that this feature had nothing on the songs composed by the Sherman brothers for "More Jungle Book", a proposed but canceled sequel."Disney's Song Selection" gives you the option to watch any song from the film, with or without sing-along words. This is basically useless, unless you don't know how to put on subtitles and press the "Chapter Search" button."Sing with the Movie" gives you the option to see the film with sing-along words on the bottom. Again, why bother when you can just turn on the subtitles? I hope this made someone happy, though.The "Deleted Scenes" were two all-out boring storyboard sequences cut from the film. Sharon Morrill (you'll remember her from the Return to Never Land DVD's Deleted Scenes) and Matt Walker give a brief introduction and then you are allowed to watch either "I've Got you Beat" (5:39) or "Braver" (3:42). The first is sung by Mowgli and Shanti, both trying to beat each other. This was when Shanti was a much more feisty character, proving that the village is better than thejungle. The second song is sung by Shanti, when Shanti took a turn and became an absolute wimp. Thankfully a medium between these two Shantis is the one we see in the film."W-I-L-D Music Video" (1:01) and "I Wanna Be Like You" Music Video by Smashmouth (1:01) were rather dull. I personally am not a fan of music videos, especially when the song is chopped short, as "W-I-L-D" was.Sneak Peeks at the beginning of the disc are The Lion King Special Edition, Brother Bear, Piglet's Big Movie, Stitch! The Movie and George of the Jungle 2. In the Sneak Peeks menu you can also watch previews for Sleeping Beauty Special Edition, Kim Possible, Air Bud Strikes Back, Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade/All Growed Down, and The Haunted Mansion.CLOSING THOUGHTSWhile this film is what most of us lovingly refer to as a "cheapquel", it does have several moments of humor, some drama, and has a decent (if not copied) plot. Though this probably will not thrill older audiences, younger children will find this movie amusing. Although, with The Jungle Book to be released as a Platinum in a few years, this now out-of-print movie may be released around the same time as a Special Edition. Related ReviewsThe Jungle Book 2 (Blu-ray + DVD)Return to Never Land (2002) Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002) The Jungle Book (1967) The Lion King (1994)Tarzan (1999) The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004) Review Index Other Animation Page Out-of-Print List Search This Site

As Mowgli is at a crossroads whether to live in the village or the jungle and misses his old friends, he soon finds Shere Khan is hot on his trail and is planning for retribution, only for Mowgli to...Read more seek the help of his family and friends.

As Mowgli is at a crossroads whether to live in the village or the jungle and misses his old friends, he soon finds Shere Khan is hot on his trail and is planning for retribution,...Read more only for Mowgli to seek the help of his family and friends.

Mowgli lives in the village, but thinks about Baloo the bear, Baggy the panther, Whatsherface the snake and Shere the nightmare. "You can take the boy out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the boy," his dad says, wisely, forbidding him to cross the river. On the other side is the J place, where animals talk and Baloo proclaims a laidback philosophy of doing your own thang, as long as it doesn't entail work.

Mowgli's new friend is called Shanti and she's, well, girlie - sensible, bossy, caring. He doesn't escape into the jungle to get away from her, but he might have. Once he's on the other side, he's quick to continue his double act with Big Bluey (aka Baloo) and they sing Bare Necessities over and flipping over until your ears bleed. 041b061a72


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