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Attack On Survey Corps

Annie's sense of humor tends to be mocking, sarcastic, deadpan, and surprising. It also sometimes expresses a partial truth, and it happens mostly in intense situations. For example, when she was cornered by the Survey Corps in front of an underground passage, she claimed that she was a feeble maiden and mocked Eren as a suicidal blockhead.[21] Despite Annie's usually cold and calm demeanor, she is capable of expressing her feelings in various ways. At the times she does lose her composure, she usually reacts with violence. She beats up Reiner Braun for his cowardice after Marcel was eaten and for trying to manipulate her to continue a mission that had, in her view, already failed.[22] Also, while exhausted by her spy work and constantly avoiding hand-to-hand combat training, Annie is angered when he pushes her to take the training seriously, to the point she uses her fighting style on him, despite his protests and her already having demonstrated it on Eren at Reiner's bidding.[23] While outwardly callous, Annie has expressed levels of guilt and shock, most notably when apologizing to a certain corpse after the battle of Trost[24] and when Reiner emotionally manipulated her to help him kill Marco.[25]

Attack on Survey Corps

After Annie's birth, her blood test revealed she was a Subject of Ymir, which suggested her mother had an affair with an Eldian man. While it is unknown what happened to her mother, Annie was deported to an internment zone and later adopted by Leonhart who was relocated for similar reasons. Her adoptive father intended to train her to become a Warrior so that he could live a privileged life. Thus, from a young age, Annie underwent rigorous combat training with Leonhart. Annie would eventually become as strong as he wanted; but in retaliation for all she had endured, she attacked him and left him permanently crippled. The brutal training she endured left her callous towards others, unable to find any value in whether one lived or died.[46]

Annie was selected as one of the four Warriors to carry out this mission, along with the Jaw, Armored and Colossus Titans.[50] The objective of the mission was to attack the Eldians living in the Walls and lure out and steal the Founding Titan. Before leaving Marley to begin the Paradis Island Operation, Annie was paraded through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage with Reiner, Bertolt, and Marcel and celebrated as a Warrior to save the world from the people of Paradis Island.[51] Around this time, Leonhart apologized to Annie. Finally seeing her as his true daughter, he regretted his actions in making her become a Warrior and begged her to promise him to come home.[52][46]

After the attack, Annie regains consciousness in a refugee camp inside Wall Rose with Reiner and Bertolt.[57] While with the refugees, the three meet a man from a small village in the southeast of Wall Maria that was destroyed by the Titans. The man is later found having apparently killed himself, and the three decide to co-opt his story as their own to cover for their lack of family records and preserve their cover. Annie would later compare the man's behavior to their abandonment of Marcel.[58]

Nearly five years into their mission, Annie investigates the whereabouts of the Founding Titan in one of the cites at night and finds Kenny Ackerman. Hoping he will lead her to the real king of the Walls, Annie decides to follow him. When Kenny discovers and confronts her about it, Annie attempts to deceive him by telling him that she is his long-lost daughter. Unsuccessful in fooling him, Annie attacks Kenny and flees into the sewers.[65]

With one of the Titans fending off the others attacking the HQ, Annie and the others attempt to get rid of the small Titans inside. After the plan's success, the group witnesses the Rogue Titan being eaten by other Titans. Annie argues that the Titan should be kept alive as it could serve as a powerful ally, but all debate on the matter is halted when Eren emerges from the nape of the Titan's neck.[69]

Armin, Jean, and Reiner coordinate a plan together in an attempt to distract Annie and buy the other soldiers some time to regroup. Annie easily outmaneuvers them and incapacitates Armin. Jean attempts to attack her, but her resilience and awareness of a Titan's weakness allow her to fend off his attacks. Armin claims that Eren has already been killed in the mission,[76] distracting Annie long enough for Jean to escape and for Reiner to attack her. Annie manages to catch Reiner in mid-air,[77] and Reiner cuts his way out of her hand, discreetly carving Eren's location into her palm in the process.[78]

Annie systematically kills Eld Jinn, Petra Ral, and Oluo Bozado, causing Eren to turn back and finally engage her in his Titan form. The two begin a brutal fight using hand-to-hand combat techniques, at the end of which Annie succeeds in incapacitating Eren's Titan form by decapitating it.[83] She captures Eren inside the mouth of her Female Titan form and begins to flee. Mikasa gives chase, continuously attacking her in a fit of rage and Levi soon arrives to help her. Although Annie attempts to fight back, she begins to get overwhelmed by the barrage of attacks inflicted by Levi, allowing him to incapacitate her while gaining the chance to slice her Titan form's mouth and rescue Eren from within before retreating.[84]

After the Survey Corps get back Eren on Wall Rose, Armin recalls the Female Titan's ability to get the Titans to attack her by screaming, deducing that Eren must have used a similar ability to command Titans to attack the Armored Titan and the Smiling Titan.[100]

Shortly after the Survey Corps return from their attack on Liberio, Armin visits Annie's crystal to confide in her. He compares the Survey Corps assault to the Warriors' attack on the Walls, due to having no choice. Despite Armin asking Annie to answer him with something, she remains asleep and in stasis within the crystal.[106]

The group meets up with Hange, Magath and their allies outside of Shiganshina and share a meal together. As tensions run high between the Warriors and the Survey Corps, Annie demands to know if the Corps will be able to kill Eren if no other options are presented. Easily noticing the unease in Mikasa, Annie hypothesizes that if Eren does not back down and his death becomes a necessity, Mikasa will turn on them to protect him. Mikasa attempts to attack Annie, but Annie defuses the situation by assuring Mikasa that she has no issue with Eren living if he can be convinced to stop the Rumbling.[112]

The group travels to Paradis' harbor, intending to use an airship to pursue Eren, only to find it occupied by Yeagerists.[113] Annie has no qualms about launching an all-out attack, but Mikasa and Pieck point out that the Azumabito, who are needed to properly operate the ship, could be killed in the crossfire. Observing that her former comrades do not want to kill the Yeagerists, Annie demands that they explain a way to take back the Azumabito and the ship without casualties.[114]

The argument is cut short by Hange and Magath, who inform the group that Eren and his Titans have apparently already reached Marley.[115] This spurs the group to proceed with a plan to trick Floch into handing over the Azumabito mechanics, with Reiner and Annie on standby in case things go awry. When the plan fails and the Yeagerists are alerted to their presence, the group takes the Azumabito to the basement of the building they are being held in, allowing Annie and Reiner to transform and attack the Yeagerists without risk of collateral damage.[116]

Falco succeeds in using his Titan to fly and he carries Annie and Gabi to Fort Salta. The group arrives just in time to save Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, Connie and Levi from being devoured by an army of Titans.[124] Her comrades inform her that Armin was captured by Eren's Titans and Annie agrees to help rescue him. Levi decides to also have some of the group attack Eren's nape in the hopes of destroying the Founder while Armin is being rescued. Mikasa tries to protest, but Annie convinces her to focus on Armin so that she will not have to think about Eren.

Returning to Fort Salta, the Warriors are greeted by the Eldian refugees from Liberio. Annie is bewildered by their presence but is overjoyed to hear from Karina Braun that her father is also present and immediately goes to look for him. She finds him farther into Salta, but before the two can properly reunite smoke begins pouring into the fort. The smoke causes Annie's father and the rest of the Eldians in the fort to transform into Titans, to Annie's horror. The Titans all begin rallying to defend the Source of all living matter as it attempts to return to Eren and Annie joins Pieck and Reiner in trying to hold the creature and its Titans back with their Titan forms. Because the three are focused on holding back the creature, they are unable to defend themselves as the pure Titans begin attacking them.[127]

Finally, the biggest transgression for the Survey Corps thus far, attacking Marley in advance and dragging all of Paradis into a World War. It was by far the most violent war declaration in fiction and resulted in the deaths of too many ambassadors, women, and children.

It might look like Eren did the most human rights violations in the attack but it was actually Armin with his Colossal Titan. Armin basically nuked the entire Marley harbor, killing everyone in a huge urban radius including dock workers and civilians in the port area apart from naval personnel. To be honest, they got off with a light court-martial punishment after returning to Paradis.

There are thousands of these 50-meter (160 ft) Pure Titans called Wall Titans (壁の巨人, Kabe no Kyojin) that resemble the Colossus Titan in appearance and abilities, except that they are a little bit shorter than the Colossal Titan. They have been entombed within the three Walls of Paradis by King Fritz using their hardening abilities to deter an immediate attack from Marley. Except for the Founding Titan's orders, these Wall Titans are absolutely unstoppable. They are faster than horses and according to Hange, they can destroy the Marleyan mainland in about four days. Exasperated with Marley's racial violence against the Subjects of Ymir, Eren unleashes the Wall Titans and commands them to destroy Marley. Two days later, the Wall Titans invade Marley and demolish its northeastern territories. 041b061a72


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