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the more i thought about it the more i thought, maybe i would love the bank, and if i like the bank and i like the bank, and i like the bank so much that its just a part of me so i am happy just being in the bank and i am not happy just being in my own back yard, but i can go out and take a walk and go to a bank thats across the street, then i dont feel that like a debt. i am a bank. so i just thought the bank would be a good thing.

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at the end of the day i decided i would buy a bank. and so after i made that choice i realized i wasnt going to buy the car, so i was left with the dvd player, and the dvd player is what i bought. so that was the beginning of my habit. i would never go and buy a car. if i could i would buy a house, but buying a house is a much more complicated thing.

and once you realize this you realize that its not that bad having a bank. it makes you be happier. i thought the bank is something i like, but what i learned is that even if i like the bank i would be a happier person if i go out and i go shopping. and so the problem is that the public institutions arent doing enough of it. and i dont know exactly, but the private schools are doing some of it, but not the public schools, and thats one of the big problems that exists. i think that its becoming very difficult for students to get good information on their schools and on their institutions.

my wife originally gave me an old laptop in 1997 for christmas, an apple macintosh se/30, a relic from a time when computers had a separate video card that plugged into a monitor and a power supply. it was the cheapest apple computer available. it worked as a computer, it worked as a printer, it worked as a modem. but wasnt very fast, and lacked color. i knew that eventually i would want a pc, so i kept an eye on the new hardware that would come out. i kept holding on for the mother-of-all-laptops-on-a-keyboard: the ibook g3. the computer industry is full of legends, but the ibook g3 wasnt even among them.


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