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Cities Skylines Af Essential Mods Pack V3 Zip ((NEW))

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is actually one of the most requested aircraft on the site and just listed in our downloads library is a fully-featured FSX and Prepar3D v4/v5 compatible version which consists of a compilation of mods and repaints bundled into one package.

cities skylines af essential mods pack v3 zip

Download File:

Large area of more than 11,000 sq. km. including all Dolomite groups, over 64 mountain groups all reconstructed with detailed 3D models with photographic textures. Reproduced main cities such as Bolzano, Trento,Belluno and all Dolomite villages with the placement of thousands of custom buildings such as Churches, monuments public buildings, stations... and houses with characteristic typology of the place also as integration of the autogen. Reproduced main airports LIPB, LIDT, LIDB,LIDA,LIDI,LIVD,LOKL and numerous airfields. All terrain in this area has been reproduced with use of polygons/textures that reproduce the area according to terrain characteristics.THE TERRITORY includes:Much of Trentino Alto Adige with the cities of Bolzano, Trento and their airports, heliports and airfields such as Loker, Sterzing, Termon,Vervò,Corvara. The whole province and city of Belluno with airport, heliports also near Dolomites Refuges and airfields such as S.Giustina and S.Felice, Casera-Razzo (Friuli), Val Fiemme (Cavalese), Agnedo (Val Sugana) for ultra-light aircraft.Compared to the Dolomites scenery packages for XP11 many details have been improved and vast areas added such as LIENZ airport (Austria), Val di Fleres with Tribulaun in 3D, the whole area between Trento and Bolzano, Sappada and Sauris area, Asiago plateau with airport for a total of over 11000 sq. km.Features:* included in the degree + 46+ 010, +46+011, +46+012, area Italy,Austria* Mountains scenery with 3D models 64 groups Dolomites* 7 airport , 15 airfields, 47 Heliport (69 points for takeoff/landing)* reproduced towns and villages with typologies of buildings and customized houses* photographic polygons/ textures as covered of terrain typical zone of great mountains.* polygons/textures 4K - area covered more 11,000 kmq.* Complete scenery of about 9 GB, 51 folders, more than 40 valleys, more than 60000 placed objects.


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