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Once again, there is much to learn in style and substance from Hemingway. He was another of my inspirations, although as I matured, I have changed my opinion of him. What stands out now is self-indulgence and the attempt to depict himself as hyper-masculine. The combination of brilliant technical skills and an unattractive personality creates strong dissonance, a good thing for prospective authors to confront.Explore this bookThe Complete Short Stories of Ernest HemingwayByErnest Hemingway,

This collection contains some of the most important of his earliest and shortest comic sketches, as well as examples of his great, mature works. Throughout, the doctor-turned-writer displays compassion for human suffering and misfortune, but is always able to see the comical, even farcical aspects of the human condition.

But we fully agree with V. Khlebnikova that in genre determinism, light jokes and the lack of didactics of the Good Boy "read the desire to entertain the viewer, provide the mass audience with that comfort zone that the intellectuals regularly, although not quite at the right place, call to leave. Good boy achieves this goal with the help of the stylization of Soviet children's cinema in the mid-1970s and early 1980s, who either forcedly or voluntarily "did not notice" reality and its mismatch with propaganda and embodied the utopian ideal of a carefree and prosperous existence for several generations of compatriots, often identified with the norm. The model of ideological quarantine, a sterile zone free from subtexts, hints, social and political topicality, is being modelled. The space thus cleared is given in the Good Boy chamber, alien to the vivid artistic effects and, as a rule, the confirmation of the basic norms of behaviour. In the Good Boy, as the norm, not the most popular in the country emancipation of personal choice from the influences of the family and the community is claimed, personal responsibility for actions of their own, and not of the neighbour or the organization, and thus the mirror emancipation of other people from oneself. Moscow is immersed in an eternal golden age in the Good Boy. There are no vulgar signs of the sociological context of 2010-2016. This Moscow takes sunbaths, basking in the light of an artificial day, which replaces the artificial night of cinematography of zero. Here they live by the river, as if on the sea, do not know the transport collapses and costs of sleeping urbanization, the interiors with antique furniture are spacious and light, windows - greens, spires and vistas, the eternal and prosperous noon of the world. ... Students are not drug addicts, not Nazis or hipsters, participate in dance battles, but can also polka, independently learn Chinese ... Authors of Good Boy pragmatically stop the time so that its annoying features and radical physiognomy do not distort the classic plot of the personality formation, they didn't imposed on him the character of youth revolt and the world denial. About that and speech, that a mature person assumes reality not because he cannot change it, but because his transformational efforts are directed mainly at oneself "[Khlebnikova, 2016].

Much more successful turned out another retro tape - Tender Age (2000). Its director, Sergei Soloviev, used his "perestroika achievements", making a kind of cocktail of poetic style of the 100 Days After Childhood (1975) with the ironical drive of Black Rose ... (1989) and The House under the Starry Sky (1991). Talking about the school life of the first half of the 1980s, S. Soloviev, not trusting in the "seriousness and drama of the story told, largely based on the true facts from the life of fellow practitioners and his son's friends, as if afraid to look boring, saturates the action with repeated divertissements (sometimes sinful on the part of taste)" [Kudryavtsev, 2007]. But in general, all the shocking "late perestroika" scenes (well, perhaps, more "advanced") were in place: the teacher cursing American expansion, smashed his head with a brick because of the loss of the USSR of the Cold War. Schoolchildren smoked and looked at photos in the porn magazine. The chemistry teacher fainted at the sight of the student, who appeared in the nude at the height of her lesson. A little later, there was a bold scene of sex pioneer and the same "chemist" (ironic greetings to Doll in 1988). And (oh, God!), The naked pioneers had sex in the pool...

But against this background, D.B. Dondurei was able to distinguish the most, perhaps, the most important: "School is a sample of producer's creativity in all its components. ... The main thing in this project is an experiment with the accumulated, but not yet realized, feeling of long-resolved freedom with its borders, corridors, horizons and also with the latest, though not obvious, technologies for promoting modern virtual products. School probes the soil of impending or, rather, ripening content changes, not so much foreseeing how many are exploring here possible ideological twists and turns. The series diagnoses and fills the emptiness formed in recent years in the "picture of the world" that has settled on TV, shakes the habitual grid of the serial chewing gum and status (regardless of the outcome and claims) screenings. He touches on the problems and those realities of our life, which recently could not be touched. Or did it only seem to us? Who could have imagined that the sixteen-year-old heroine would curiously unwrap, feel the condom received from her mother as a gift twice a day at the main point of distributing the "meanings of life", under the supervision of grandmothers and junior students? This is a slap in the face of Russian public taste. To look at numerous murders, at dismemberment it is possible, and at a condom -you will go blind. Who could imagine that a bribe to the teacher, the seduction of a young teacher or teenage cooperation with pornographic sites will be imposed on the proscenium of a multimillion-dollar tele-forum? Is it decent to include such weekdays in the domestic series or only - and more abruptly - in the program Let them say or Maximum?" [Dondurei, 2010]. 041b061a72


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